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Once you own your home and have mortgage, it is important to periodically conduct a mortgage review to determine if refinancing could assist you in achieving your financial goals.

Refinancing is the process of receiving a new loan, which is then used to pay off your existing mortgage. There are Several Common Reasons for Refinancing. Do any apply to you?

  • Lower Rate

    • Want to reduce your monthly payment and put more money into savings?

  • Lower Term –

    • Are you now able to move from a 30 to 25, 20 or even a 15 year term and save on interest?

  • Debt consolidation

    • Will paying off high interest credit card balances and student loans lower your overall monthly expenses?

  • Cash Out for Other Investments

    • Can you use your home’s equity for other financial investments?

  • Consolidate 1st and 2nd (HELOC) loans

    • Does eliminating a variable rate HELOC fit with your current financial goals?

  • College Tuition

    • Can you use the equity in your home to fund the cost of a college education?

  • Marital Home Buyout

    • Going through a divorce that requires a spousal buyout?  Stay in your home, while using your home’s equity to help!

Monument Mortgage can help with an analysis of your refinance options and more.


If refinancing is an option for you, call us today for a complimentary Mortgage Review or contact us below!

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