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“I have worked with Richard Shapiro for 35 years, through all the ups and downs in the mortgage banking business.  I have always been impressed with his professionalism, his sound business practices, his creative approach to mortgage financing solutions, and his ability to hire great people. 

-- William A, Attorney

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Richard Shapiro

Chelmsford Office
Office: 781-861-7767 x110

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Richard Shapiro founded Monument Mortgage Company in 1989.  Prior to launching Monument, Richard was the President and CEO of Northeastern Mortgage Company, and held prominent positions at other lending institutions.  He is a graduate of Suffolk University Law School, and has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Richard loves the mortgage business. His experience in all types of lending and in regulatory areas of the industry helped him fine tune his vision of what a mortgage company should be – one that is completely and comprehensively customer focused, from the moment the borrower decides they need mortgage financing, to the day their loan closes.  Richard believed, and still believes, that guiding the client every step of the way creates an exceptional customer experience and that it is only possible with a small, private lending institution  In 1989 this was a ground-breaking idea - Richard saw its potential and decided to take the leap to a new kind of lending

According to Richard, “executing on a new idea is only possible if you surround yourself with great people, and I have been very lucky to find and retain tremendous talent and have built a terrific team.” The team approach was implemented from the start at Monument Mortgage, and Richard had a vision for this as well:  “My goal was an organization with fluid and continuous communication. A person’s job title should never prevent them from contributing to the entire process – there are no “silos” allowed at Monument Mortgage”. Because of this approach, Monument has continued to thrive, and Richard believes that it is “poised for even greater success in the future”.

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